One platform. Many capabilities.

Modern Football Technology is an automated data collection platform with real-time tendencies in a single solution. Get real-time opponent's tendencies and self-scout, plus eliminate manual data entry in Hudl, DV Sport, and XOS.

Game Day Offense

Simple, efficient data capture and in-game tendencies for offenses with wristband play calling systems.

Game Day Defense

Attack play caller tendencies with real-time play direction, TE & RB location reports, and personnel & formation weaknesses.


Full play call and offensive charting system for data capture and Football Intelligence at the Speed of the Game™

Tendencies for coaches, by coaches

Real-time football intelligence for in-game decision making and play-calling success. Drill down behind every opponent tendency to make real-time adjustments. Understand, trust, and know how opponents are attacking you.

  • Play Concept success, D&D reports, P&10, explosive/efficient plays
  • Defensive front, coverage, blitz / Full play call and result
  • Offensive pers & form, strength, play direction, and TE and RB location reports
  • Play Concept success, D&D reports, P&10, explosive/efficient plays
In-Game Analytics

Eliminate manual data entry every day

Save 8-10 hours per week manually tagging practice and games. Our platform accurately tags every play in full and seamlessly integrates with XOS, DV Sport, and Hudl. Go home. Spend time with your family instead of with a computer.

  • One-click export into XOS, DV Sport, & Hudl
  • No internet connectivity needed
  • Simple, easy to use
Eliminate manual play tagging

No typing, no errors, no clean-up

Our platform automatically assembles and verifies your terminology and play tagging methodology in a consistent fashion. Our smart workflow is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any other product.

  • Eliminate spelling errors, mismatched tags, etc.
  • Customize to your terminology
Hudl Fail

Modern Football vs Other Software

Modern Football Technology
Excel, Other Tools
Limited, none
Ease of Use
Simple, streamlined
Complicated, over-engineered
Works with the speed of the game
Real-Time Reporting
Unmatched, fully-automated
Level of Detail
64 data points per play
7-30 data points per play
Post-Practice/Game Manual Data Entry
0 minutes
1.5-3 hours
One-Click Export to Hudl, DVS, XOS
<5 minutes
Terminology Customization
Full Customization
Full/Limited Customization

Streamline your workflow for more effective practices, game plans, and in-game decisions