Off season is the time to gain an edge.

Real-time tendencies.
Real-time results.

Elevate the art of play calling and game planning with real-time opponent tendencies and self-scout while eliminating manual data entry into Hudl, DVSport, and Catapult.

Elite football analytics

Gain a play calling edge

With 5-15 seconds between plays, gain the ability to quickly see what is working in every situational category. No need to wait until the half to analyze and adjust.  See what play concepts, personnel & formation groupings, and efficient plays are moving the ball so you can attack your opponent in real-time, all four quarters.
  • Self-scout and opponent tendencies in real-time
  • Down & Distance and Field Zone situational tendencies
  • Historical vs. game day tendencies of your opponent
Play Calling

Increase staff productivity

Our platform completely eliminates film breakdown process saving you 8-10 hours per week of manual play tagging in Hudl, DVS, and XOS. This allows you to complete your self-scout sooner and get a headstart on next week, resulting in more efficient and effective practice scripts and game plans.
  • Accurate, consistent, and error-free breakdowns allows coaches and staff to use it independently with confidence
  • Identify patterns through common language
Eliminate manual play tagging

Game Ready Now

Our platform is fully operational and battle-tested with over five seasons of use by teams.  We are not in the "Beta" phase and you can dive right in without the need to submit any data to begin.
  • Reliable, 24/7 support
  • Hands-on

Trusted by coaches across the nation

Modern Football has built a platform that gets us into film immediately after practice and prepares us for how technology will be used in the future.
Over an entire week, the MFT platform eliminates 8-10 hours of manual input, which is pretty incredible! We are a big believer in it.

MFT has been awesome, and the support we've had from them is unreal.
Modern Football's platform is the future. Their analytics, as well as post-game data entry and self-scout is much more efficient than any other product I’ve ever used or seen.
I can tell you from experience it’s easy as 1-2-3. Input your play sheet for the week. It tags the full game. Gives live opponent data. Keeps track of every play call along with +\- data on every play call. And Hudl upload is seamless with the intercutting feature. #NoBrainer
Used MFT's Game Day system yesterday for our scrimmage.

Worked great!
If you are not using Modern Football Technology to help break down film you are doing it wrong! Saves hours for us and features great analytics for in-game situations that will help a ton! If you have any questions or want more info hit me up.
We used the historical data input for the last game and projections were pretty spot on. Made a big difference last week.
First time using it, everything went really smoothly. Provided really valuable insight. I wish this platform was available when I was a GA. It has eliminated countless hours of tagging for us as well as provides live in-game analytics.

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