Winning is the universal metric of success.

A new platform aligned with how coaches script practice, game plan, and call plays using in-game analytics. Purpose-built to simply work, deliver value, and help you win.

More efficient & effective self-scout
Deeper insight for practice scripting
Prepare for the future

Accelerate your time to analysis

Using Modern Football's platform, film is accurately tagged and up immediately after practice. No need to wait for your QC's and GA's to manually tag plays in XOS.
Off the scissor lifts and in film minutes after practice
Confirm your practice scripts work on your weaknesses
Make and track scripting adjustments during practice

More efficient & effective self-scout

Gain an edge with deeper insight for practice scripting and game planning. Bridge the gap in position efficiency metrics, and rep your weaknesses and how you expect your opponent will attack you.
Week-to-week and seasonal efficiency charts to understand your strengths and weaknesses
Identify patterns through common language
Consistent framework to allow your coaches to use it independently
Efficiency Charts

Prepare for the future

It is difficult to change what works. But helmet comms, digital wristbands, and computers in the box are on the horizon. Being an early adopter doesn’t just improve today’s game plan. It builds your competence for the future of play calling.
Improve existing workflows to help you work smarter and faster
Automate repetitive, tedious tasks so you can gain efficiencies to focus on higher-value strategic work
Modern Football Technology

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coaches (pro, college, & high school)