The Use of Technology for a More Efficient and Effective Self-Scout – AJ Antonescu, Offensive Line Coach, Lake Travis High School (TX)

In this episode, AJ Antonescu discusses the tools and workflows deployed by the Cavaliers to improve their self-scout and game planning, as well as the new technology platform they use to make it simple and accurate.

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AJ Antonescu is the offensive line coach at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas. Coach Antonescu is entering his second season at Lake Travis, a six-time Texas state champion. The program is currently led by head coach Hank Carter. Since Coach Carter took over as head coach in 2010, the Cavaliers have won three state championships with a record of 155-26 over that time.

In this episode, Coach Antonescu goes deep into how Lake Travis prioritizes self-scouting to improve their practice plans and game plans throughout the season. Self-scouting is an undervalued and underperformed function of a post-game review. It tells us a lot about our team, gives us insight into how an opponent views us, and allows us to put together a better plan for practice, carry it into the game plan, and in some states, into game-day decision making.

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