Improve your self-scout.
Build a better game plan.

Practice execution becomes game reality. Modern Football helps teams streamline practice scripting and game planning to create winning edges on game day. Make self-scout your competitive advantage, starting from day one.

Superior play calling
Increase staff productivity
Better self-scout

Gain a play calling edge

With 5-15 seconds between plays, gain the ability to quickly see what is working in every situational category. No need to wait until the half to analyze and adjust.  See what play concepts, personnel & formation groupings, and efficient plays are moving the ball so you can attack your opponent in real-time, all four quarters.
Real-time analytics for every snap of the snap
Down & Distance and Field Zone situational analytics
Historical vs. game day tendencies of your opponent
Play calling strategy

No typing, no errors, no clean-up

Our platform automatically assembles and verifies your terminology and play tagging methodology in a consistent fashion. Our smart workflow is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any other product.
Eliminate spelling errors, mismatched tags, etc.
Customize to your terminology
Hudl XOS DVS Fail

Save 8-10 hours per week manually tagging plays

Eliminate manual data entry every day. Our platform accurately tags every play in full and seamlessly integrates with Hudl. Go home. Spend time with your family instead of with a computer.
One-click export into XOS, DV Sport, & Hudl
No internet connectivity needed
Simple, easy to use
Eliminate manual play charting

Designed for coaches, by
coaches (pro, college, & high school)